Square Footage: 5,900 SF
Phase I Completed June 2015

Perched on one of Turkey’s most lavish marinas, this Nobu location enjoys overwhelming views of the Aegean Sea. Exterior walls are clad in rough limestone, custom seating is housed by a golden teak trellis, and a lively bar draws patrons to enjoy bubbling drinks while basking in picturesque views of the seaside and pool.

While seeking to create the most expansive space possible, we also wanted to provide shelter from occasional harsh marine winds. We integrated interior and exterior with the use of movable glass panes, allowing diners within the restaurant to always have a view of sea and pool no matter the weather. Travertine flooring runs continuous from the covered patio to the open exterior, erasing lines between interior and exterior. Planters are placed amongst the sea of tables providing a contrast from the rocky backdrop.

Skills: 1 Hospitality