Square Footage: 10,500 SF
Estimated Completed July 2017

Located on an existing seaside plaza in Sveti Stefan, this Nobu Restaurant enjoys stunning views of the Adriatic and neighboring hills. As patrons approach, they are guided up the stairs by a steel and wood trellis that is evocative of both traditional Japanese woodwork and European colonnades. The exterior wall of the main dining area is an all glass sliding system that fully opens, blurring the lines between interior and exterior. The connection between interior and exterior is further emphasized by continuing the stone flooring of the terrace inside the restaurant. The glass wall can be closed in case of inclement weather while still allowing for panoramic views of the seaside.

The round bar area has operable awning style windows that act as shade elements when opened. The modularity of the bar windows and the rich wood floor, ceiling, and bar itself is an homage to traditional Japanese tea rooms.
Planters placed throughout the terrace as well as tensile fabric shade elements provide a soft contrast to the hard stone of the terrace and surrounding architecture.



Skills: 1 Hospitality