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Airport Lounge

This design for an airport holding room brings warmth and comfort to the efficiency and durability of a typical airport terminal. The layout of the holding room provides an organic flow of comfortable circulation through soft curving paths. The materials have been specifically chosen to give warmth to the space while being durable enough to withstand the continuous use of many travelers.

Different seating types allow for flexible layouts and uses. Low, lounge seats located close to the gates can be comfortably used for minutes or hours at a time to fit the traveler’s schedule. Seating around tables provides a surface for work, food, or conversation. Higher stools with more individual tables are placed with views of the tarmac or the main circulation path for the plane and people watchers. Each seat is designed to be not only comfortable, but also connected, with outlets for charging stations, iPads for immediate travel information, and visuals to the gates for specific flight information. The endless possibilities for layouts with these furniture types brings the experience of movement, relaxation, and ease of travel to the airport holding room.





Square Footage:

5,500 sf

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