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Nobu Shoreditch

As part of the London’s industrial hub this project becomes part of a neighborhood revival. The restaurant is filled with sleek wood and bronze detailing, dramatic lighting, and a ceiling extending 15′-0” height. The furniture is sleek and modern yet intricate in joinery, reflecting the influence of Japanese detail.

Upon entering, you are immediately aware the heart of the restaurant lies at the bar. Alluring in grandeur and scale, the bar takes form as a unique trapezoidal shape providing cozy niches for private conversations yet remaining open to the rest of the bar. The bar is complimented by a plush lounge drawing the attention of the local businessman to the cultured traveler. Reflecting London’s multifaceted culture, the bar and lounge provide an atmosphere that is luxurious yet unique and fun, creating a relaxed atmosphere for people to unwind and gather.





Square Footage:

5,500 sf

Estimated Completion:


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